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Paul Gray’s Top Ten Books (alphabetical order by title)

  • “Beyond An Angry God” by Steve McVey 
  • "Cosmos Reborn" by John Crowder 
  • "God’s Astounding Opinion of You” by Ralph Harris,  
  • “Grace Walk” by Steve McVey 
  • “Parable of the Dancing God” by C. Baxter Kruger 
  • “Saints in the Arms of a Happy God” by Jeff Turner
  • “The Mirror Bible” Paraphrase by Francois Du Toit 
  • “The Shack” by William Paul Young
  • "The Shack Revisited" by Baxter Kruger, 
  • “Unlock Your Bible” by Steve McVey 

Other Great Books (alphabetical order by author)

  • “Mystical Union” by John Crowder
  • “God Believes in You” Francois DuToit
  • “The Eagle Story” Francois DuToit
  • “The Logic of His Love” Francois DuToit
  • “Divine Embrace” Francois DuToit
  • “Beautiful Outlaw” by John Eldredge 
  • “Waking the Dead” by John Eldredge
  • “Hyper-Grace Gospel” Paul Ellis
  • “The Naked Gospel” by Andrew Farley
  • “God Without Religion” by Andrew Farley
  • “Heaven Is Now” by Andrew Farley 
  • “It is Finished” by Blaise Foret
  • “What God Wishes Christians Knew About Christianity” by Bill Gillham
  • “Lifetime Guarantee” by Bill Gillham
  • “No Mercy” by Preston Gillham
  • “Battle for the Round Tower” by Preston Gillham
  • “The Fish Net Experience” by Paul Gray
  •  “So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore” by Wayne Jacobsen
  • “He Loves Me!” by Wayne Jacobsen 
  • “Jesus and the Undoing of Adam” by C. Baxter Kruger 
  • “The Great Dance” by C. Baxter Kruger
  • “God is For Us” by C. Baxter Kruger
  • “Across All Worlds” by C. Baxter Kruger
  • “Bo’s Café” by John Lynch, Bruce McNicol & Bill Thrall
  • “A Woman’s Walk in Grace” by Catherine Martin
  • “Getting Past the Hurt When Others Have Wronged Us” Steve & Melanie McVey
  • “The Secret of Grace” by Steve McVey 
  • “Grace Rules” by Steve McVey
  • “52 Lies Heard in Church Every Sunday” by Steve McVey 
  • “A Divine Invitation” by Steve McVey
  • “Helping Others Overcome Addiction” by Steve McVey & Mike Quarles
  • "When Wives Walk In Grace" by Steve McVey
  • “The Grace Walk Devotional" by Steve McVey
  • "Grace Walk Moments" by Steve McVey
  • “Saving God” by Caleb Miller
  • “The Divine Reversal” by Caleb Miller
  • “Adventures in Christ” Andre Rabe 
  • “Metanoia” Andre Rabe
  • “The Secret of Contentment” Andre Rabe
  • “Imagine” Andre Rabe
  • “Glimpses Into a Love Beyond Words” Danny Randall
  • “The Rest of the Gospel” by Dan Stone & Greg Smith  
  • "One Way Love" by Tullian Tchividjian  
  • “S.A.L.T.  (Seven Areas of Life Training) Victorious Christian Living International, Phoenix, AZ,
  • “Chosen by God” by Jody Marie White
  • “Scarlet White” by Jody Marie White
  • “Cross Roads” by Wm. Paul Young
  • “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young
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